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Travel Gossip

Travel Gossip is a closed Facebook group for the Southern African Travel Industry. Your place, your community, your needs and your discussions, the floor is yours!
Please feel free to post help, advice, questions, statements, or simply let it all out!

It is not open or visible to the public and can be used as a space of connectivity within our overall industry, between us we have a wealth of knowledge and many shoulders to lean on.

All members of this group must abide by the Travel Gossip group rules, in essence, keep it clean, keep it friendly, keep it legal, the full list of rules can be viewed below:

Facebook Closed Group Rules:

  • 1. Keep it clean – comments with foul or obscene language will be deleted, please refrain from posting
  • 2. Keep it friendly – slander or abuse of any kind directed at an individual or an organisation will not be tolerated
  • 3. Keep it legal – this one’s obvious
  • 4. This is not an advertising platform; please do not use it as such. Genuine referrals, recommendations or praise are however welcomed.
  • 5. Travel Gossip Group administrators reserve the right to remove any posts or comments we feel do not abide by group rules, we further reserve the right to suspend or ban any individual from the group at our sole discretion.

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Travel Gossip South Africa Facebook Group

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