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Why legitimations?

pepXpress is your specialist in global PEP- and Travel Agent tour packages.
Working in the tourism business, our travel deals serve to support your personal education and development as well as enhancing your product knowledge. For this purpose tourism service providers are granting special terms/ conditions that may be used exclusively by tourism professionals/employees. Hence, the access to our online travel portal is only permitted to registered Users of establishments with a touristic background. The legitimation, that needs to be provided since 2010 when registering, is a written record, confirming your employment in the tourism industry.

The tourism service providers reserve the right to make inquiries with pepXpress about the legitimation prior to departure of the journey to ensure that only entitled persons are taking advantage of the PEP offers.

What documents will be accepted?

For the legitimation we accept a valid Travel Industry Card as well as valid company ID Cards. A letter from your employer, written on company paper, dated and signed by a superior, stating the applicants full time job as well as the companies field of activity, is also acceptable. Self-employed persons, owners, managing directors and any persons that do not have a superior, need to provide a copy of their business registration. From this we must be able to deduct the touristic emphasis of the establishment and the name of the applicant must be clearly stated. We approve all documents in German or English language.

The following documents WILL NOT be accepted:

  • Business Cards
  • Work contracts, interim reports, payslips, duty schedules (eg. Flight Attendants) or like wise
  • E-Mails, links or screenshots of websites
  • Invalid, expired or not up-to-date documents/ ID Cards
  • Legitimation documents with a different name (eg. after marriage)

Processing and Validity?

The legitimation can be uploaded on our website under the tab „ My personal data“/ my data as PDF- or image file (JPG or PNG max. 100 KB? Vorher wurden 300KB genannt). As a new User, and after completion of the registration form and sending it off, you will receive a link per e-mail that will lead you directly to the upload-page.

pepXpress will then verify the legitimation.This can take up to 2 working days. Due to a high volume in applications, it may happen that the verification takes a bit longer. We kindly ask for your understanding. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as your access has been activated.

After a successful authentication, your access to our portal will be activated for 2 years. After this period a new legitimation is required. Should your identification document show a temporary employment only, or show a date of validity that falls short of the 2 years, then your access will be granted until that date only.

Important notice: please note that the legitimation document, that you registered with, must accompany you when travelling. The tourism service provider can ask you to provide the proof of identification at any time. Should you be unable to prove your identification, an additional charge or exclusion of the benefits may apply.
A reimbursement of already paid services by pepXpress, after your journey is completed, is definately NOT possible/ ruled out.

Booking procedure:

What happens once I’ve booked my travel?
Book your desired journey. You will then receive the confirmation and invoice by e-mail. When booking your deal, a deposit of 20% of the total charge, yet a min. of € 25,00, must be paid (view more information and exceptions in our general terms and conditions). 21 days before the departure date of your trip the final payment must be made. As soon as the payment reflects, you will receive all the information and documents as PDF file by e-mail.

Where do I get my travel documents?
Your travel documents, including the relevant file keys and reservation numbers, will be sent to you by e-mail, the address that is on file with pepXpress.

I don’t have Acrobat Reader on my computer and thus cannot open the PDF files.
In our confirmation mail you will also find a link, leading you to a page where you can download the Acrobat Reader for free. Just download and install the program and you will be able to open the travel documents.

I have to rebook or cancel my booking. What do I need to do?
Rebookings or cancellations can not be done online. For any changes regardless what this entails, please contact us by mail. Please send us the reference numbers, your name (the User) and your desired changes to We will process your request as soon as possible. The same applies in case of cancellations. Please also send us a e-mail to the mentioned address.

Is an optional booking or reservation possible?
Unfortunately optional bookings are not possible. However, as you can view in our General Terms and Conditions, it is possible to cancel a reservation on the same day of your booking transaction, without any charge.

Bookings on Request
I just made a reservation and the booking status shows ? on request? What does this mean? We don’t have a fixed contingent for all the products at all times/dates available. Your booking on request means that we will process your enquiry and will check the availability of the requested products and services.We will let you know by e-mail whether we can meet your requirements or not. If the booking is okay, you will receive a confirmation with the status „booked“. The reservation will automatically be changed into a fixed booking. If the offer is not available for the requested dates, you will also be informed and if possible receive an alternative (dates or services) offer.

Travel Insurance

Does pepXpress offer any insurance cover for the journey/travel?
Yes, we offer a travel cancellation expenses insurance as well as a full insurance package. Off course both packages are available at very special rates. When processing your booking, the different insurance packages will be offered to you. So you can choose and buy the insurance the same time you book your trip.

I’ve already booked my journey but would now like to add an insurance cover. What do I need to do?
The travel insurance may be added to your reservation up to 14 days after receiving the incoming booking (provided we have at least 4 weeks to your departure). Just send us a quick mail with your reference number, name of the applicant und the persons to be insured. We will change the booking accordingly and confirm by mail.

Country and Travel Information, Travel Regulations

In the description of the offer, a link will lead you to the hotel website for further information.

Where can I find information regarding the entry requirements for the different countries?
On our website, under the category „Service & Travel Information“ you will find links for the respective websites informing you about the chosen country as well as their valid entry regulations.

Do you have difficulties or further questions?
Then please contact us on We will gladly assist you and deal with your request or inquiry as soon as possible.

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